Those of you who have been enjoying duel arena on factions will be happy to know that we are going to put up an arena server in the next couple of days. It will have 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. We will have special events with up to 30v30 on here..even faction events!

We are currently working on our site as you can see, but we aim to make a much better site when we are done! Bear with us and thanks for playing on StrongholdCraft

We are also working on adding a bunch of minigames to our hub. We recently added Survival Games and Survival Games Two.
One in the quiver, TNT run, The Walls, Arena (as mentioned above), and we still need more suggestions!

Our website is still under development and still has updates to come. Eventually our website will query not one, but all our server nodes and provide in-detail information and statistics. Although our website design is virtually finished some tweaks may occur here and there, so you may notice one or two strange styling measurements, etc.

Hey StrongholdCraft players and guests you'll notice some things are changing! We are currently upgrading our site (as you can see) since enjin is kind of bad. We were moving to a new host (from 2freehosting) for our domain to improve performance, and this is what caused the recent downtime. We actually were up the entire time, but those people who were not connecting without the direct IP couldn't get in. Luckily the issue is now fixed!

We are currently having very low donation volume (since jan 1 we've lost money) which is made worse by a malicious chargeback. All the upgrades have been expensive so we are offering 20% off all donations good through January 31 with donation code "Jan20." There....