Server Highlights

1v1 Arena With Ratings

We have a 1v1 arena that you can join with /arena join. You will automatically be matched with someone else in the queue! We have a rating system on top of that, so you know how many games you've played, who's the best, and where you stand!

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in-Game Shops

Purchase In-Game items and enchantments with in-game $$. You can now also have your own player shop!

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Custom Mounts

We have a custom made plug-in that allows you to summon mounts with a saddle found in the starter kit!

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Faction Menu

You never need to know a faction command again. This has always been our number 1 question, and so we solved it with a custom plugin!

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Donation Options

Donate for awesome in-game perks!.

Other Great Features

  • Fast Travel System
    Get to the edge of the map in a hurry!.
  • Luckyblock
    Get items from breaking random "lucky blocks" in the game!.
  • Custom Enchants
    Boots that make you run faster, helmets that give you waterbreathing, and much, much more!
  • Custom Shop
    We have a custom shop which is very nice, and very easy to use! Check it out with /warp shop!
  • Factions Menu
    We have a factions menu, so you never have to memorize faction commands! Just use /fm to check it out!
  • Additional Vote Rewards
    Get random vote rewards in addition to your regular vote rewards! Use /rewards to check them out!
You can now place torches by right clicking with your pick, as long as you have torches on your hotbar!
Simply right click with the saddle that comes in the starter kit, and you can summon a mount any time you need it!
Whenever you hit a mob there is a little blood animation!
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The Server Staff Team

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